Sunday, 5 April 2009

Paul Haig Day - Monday 6 April 2009

Tomorrow, Monday 6 April is Paul Haig Day.

You can read about the inspiration for this event at the Vinyl Villain blog, including backing from Paul Haig and his management.

This is a great idea and you should all support it, whether you know of Paul Haig's work or not.

Paul has given permission for bloggers to allow access to his excellent 2007 single "Reason". So feel free to download it and enjoy it.

MP3: Paul Haig - Reason

Other Blogs taking part and who may be hosting other Paul Haig tracks include:

Condemned To Rock'n'Roll
The World According To Davenelli (being resurrected especially for this!)
Acid Ted
Exile On Moan Street
Across The Kitchen Table
17 Seconds
Flippin Kids (first time an mp3 will have featured at that place)
Love Shack, Baby
Castles In Space
Blogger's Delite
How Does That One Go Again?
Aye Tunes
Sexy Loser
Armagideon Time
A Sweet Unrest
The Songs That People Sing
Sunset Over Slawit
Manic Pop Thrills
Song, By Toad
London Cafe : The Best Of UK Indie
Helpless Dancer

A "Heaven Sent" idea.