Thursday, 29 January 2009

Timing...Is Everything - Barefit in Babylon

I was reading through this month's Mojo magazine this morning when I saw an advert for Fifestock, an event I was previously oblivious to. I saw that both John Martyn and Jackie Leven were both advertised as playing and I thought "Ooh, what a line-up". Sadly, as I posted earlier today, John Martyn is sadly no longer with us. Here's John doing "May You Never" on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973:

Fifestock takes place at the Inn at Lathones near St.Andrews and it seems that because the venue only holds about 50 punters the gigs have been priced accordingly i.e. they're expensive. The John Martyn gigs were listed at £75!! He was good, nay great, I grant you, but £75, that's daylight robbery. John was scheduled to play three dates (2-4 March) with Jackie Leven following on the 5th. Jackie's appearance is a relatively reasonable £15. Regular readers will know that I didn't go and see Jackie the last time he played at Inn at Lathones because they were wanting £16 and after I had paid £8 to see him in Edinburgh and £12 in Perth I felt that the extra increase was too much. Christmas was just around the corner and as much as I enjoy Jackie live I just couldn't justify the expense. Sometimes you have to know where to draw the line. (By the way, I e-mailed Jackie's agent, the one listed on his website, to ask why the high price but I'm still awaiting a response). I know it's rather churlish to be moaning about ticket prices on the day a legend has passed away but it needed saying and timing was never one of my strengths. End of sadness-tinged rant.

Fifestock runs from 17 February until 10 March.

John Martyn RIP

John Martyn 11th September 1948 - 29th January 2009

A message from John's website: "With heavy heart and an unbearable sense of loss we must announce that John died this morning."

Why not play your favourite John Martyn songs tonight? I know I will.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

You're A Star!

Colin Macintyre has a new single, "You're A Star", released on Monday 2 February through Future Gods Recordings and will be making a number of radio appearances to promote it and the current album "The Water".

Colin was a live guest on the Fred McAulay & Co Show this morning on BBC Radio Scotland. Listen again available:

He will be performing a Live national radio session and interview on Absolute (formerly Virgin Radio) on Geoff Lloyd's Hometown - Thurs 29th Jan, 7-8pm Colin will play be playing two acoustic tracks, including a Beatles cover. Get in touch with the show and put your request in!

Colin will also be recording an acoustic session and interview confirmed for Fri 30th January on the Russell Kane show. Transmission date & time tbc.

Exclusive download - The previously unreleased track on the single’s download release will be "Dry Me Out", which Colin originally recorded for his first MHS album "Loss".

The video for "You're A Star" was directed by Balazs Bolygo (Life on Mars) & Irvine Welsh and can be seen at Colin's website . The opening scene is not for the squeamish but will make you laugh out loud!! The video features a number of familiar actors, including Jonathan Owen (Wedding Belles, Shameless), Katy Brand (Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show) and Brian Hibbard (Twin Town, Revolver). It features the mysterious Jenkem, “the ultimate credit crunch drug”.


‘You’re A Star’ is title track of Trainspotting's Irvine Welsh’s new film ‘Good Arrows’ - broadcast this Sat night (31st Jan) on ITV4

About Irvine Welsh's "Good Arrows".....
"You’re A Star" is the title track for Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh’s hilarious new ITV mockumentary comedy drama, “Good Arrows”, showing this weekend. "Good Arrows" is set in South Wales, where the world of minor celebrity meets the world of professional darts, and is Welsh’s directorial debut on a feature film.

Irvine Welsh says: "It is a satire on the most vacuous and self-defeating foible of our times - the cult of minor celebrity.”


In the spirit of the darts theme of the "You're A Star" video - here is a poem published in the 1980's from the poet Angus Macintyre, Colin's grandfather. It's a tribute to Scotland's arrow-throwing legend who had more darts than teeth!


Sunday Mail
Female First


Colin has just be made an ambassador. More news to come of events for May 09.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Where Are They Now? #1 Paintbomb!

As regular Jocknrollers will know, the Jocknroll website (and this all-new Blog) is a co-production between Dave and myself (The Cat =^..^=). Dave has kindly given me permission to post three tracks on the Blog by his old band Paintbomb! The tracks were produced by Jamie Watson.

Once I've given Dave keys to the Blog I'm sure he'll regale you with tales of rock 'n' roll debauchery, dodgy amps and choppy ferry crossings.

I've made an executive decision to make this the first of a hopefully regular feature where we'll try and find out about the gone-but-not-forgotten Scottish bands of yesteryear. Well, the ones we like at least.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to tell us about your old band and how you could've been contenders. You don't have to been a well-known band, just Scottish or at least Scottish under what we at Jocknroll HQ call "The KLF Rule" i.e. you must be 50% Scottish and have at least two Jockanese members. The KLF didn't qualify for the polls we ran in 2006 and 2007 as we felt they weren't Scottish enough, hence the rule. (Every rule must have an exception so we plumped for Big Country. And, er, Franz Ferdinand...)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Darvel-lous Pop Music

For those of you who enojyed the Attic Lights gig at Celtic Conenctions, you'll get another chance to witness their wonderous powerpop on Friday 8 May 2009 during the Darvel "Homecoming" Music Festival.

While details of all the Festival gigs are a bit sketchy just now, we can confirm that Attic Lights will top a pop-tastic line up which includes The Parish Music Box, Paul Quinn's The Primary 5 and Jocknroll favourites Dropkick.

The venue for this gig is Darvel Town Hall, 10-12 West Main Street, Darvel, Ayrshire. Tickets, we believe, will be £15 and should be on sale around late February. Unfortunately Ticketmaster is involved (I'm not a fan, can you tell?) but I'll try and confirm if the tickets are cheaper getting them directly from the venue or festival organisers, just like Celtic Connections.

Meanwhile, Dropkick have some gigs coming up. For a mere £4 you can catch them at Bannerman's (Edinburgh) on Thursday 5 February and on Friday 13 February you can see them at Teatre de Lloseta in Mallorca, although you may need to change buses to get there.

Site Update: Link for Peter Parker added. If your (Scottish) band, past or present, isn't listed on our Artists pages then let us know and we'll do the needful. We're good like that.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Attic Lights - Winter On

Another clip from the Celtic Connections Shoeshine Showcase. Here's Attic Lights doing "Winter On" with the Cairn String Quartet on backing vocals:

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

BMX Bandits - The Sailor's Song/After I Made Love To You

Here are the first two songs from the BMX Bandits' small but perfectly-formed set at the Showshine Showcase last Saturday. First you'll hear (and see) "The Sailor's Song" and then a cover of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "After I Made Love To You". Enjoy.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Attic Lights - Five Weeks Behind

Here's Attic Lights doing "Five Weeks Behind" at Celtic Connections last Saturday with the Cairn String Quartet:

I've also got BMX Bandits doing E102/Witchi Tai To and The Sailor's Song/After I Make Love To You, Attic Lights doing Dirty Thirst/Nothing But Love/Wendy and Winter On and Norman and Euros doing a song I'm trying to get the title of! Enjoy.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Attic Lights, Norman Blake/Euros Childs, BMX Bandits, Boa Morte - ABC, Glasgow 17 January 2009

Sometimes you look forward to a gig so much that you're disappointed when the high expectation isn't met but the Shoeshine Showcase was the exception that proved the rule.

Even the slightly disappointing opening act Boa Morte couldn't dampen my spirits because, to be blunt, they just weren't my cup of tea. Having more of a pop sensibility, their Lambchop-esque musings didn't really move me. Nothing personal guys, it just wan't my thang.

Over the years I've seen Duglas and the travelling circus of merry men and women that is the BMX Bandits quite a few times and they've never failed to entertain. Tonight was no exception as they played several tracks from their last/current album "Bee Stings" as well as some well-loved golden oldies. (You can see The Cat's interview with Duglas and Rachel in the previous post).

BMX Bandits: The Sailor's Song, After I Made Love To You, Elegant Lines, Take Me To Heaven, I Wanna Fall In Love, E102, Witchi Tai To.

Norman Blake and Euros Childs were up next as the acts came thick and fast with each band playing slightly shorter sets. Kicking off with a cover of 23rd Turnoff's "Michelangelo", Norman and Euro dovetailed in perfect harmony as this musical marriage-made-in-heaven enthralled everyone. The set also included a cover of Stories "Love Is In Motion". The fruits of their 2008 recording sessions should come out in 2009 and it'll be well worth the wait, especially if "Do the Cave Dance", the closing song, is anything to go by. If they're not careful they might even have a hit single/download on their hands.

Norman Blake/Euros Childs set: To be confirmed

Having seen Attic Lights in Dunfermline last year I knew what to expect but they still did the business again with their wonderful brand of West Coast powerpop; Scottish West Coast, that is. Not afraid to kick off with a hit (or should I say single as they rather surprisingly haven't troubled the chart scorers yet) they played a sparkling set, which was aided by the accompaniment of the Cairn String Quartet on some tracks. The girls even supplied backing vocals on set closer "Winter On".

If the much anticipated follow-up to "Friday Night Lights" is half as good as their debut we'll still be in for a real treat. No new songs on stage tonight but we did get their cover of Dennis Waterman's "I Could Be So Good For You", which hopefully won't become an albatross around their necks as it features in the current (pointless?) remake of "Minder".

Attic Lights set: God, Never Get Sick of The Sea, Dirty Thirst, Nothing But Love, Wendy, Five Weeks Behind, Late Night Sunshine, Bring You Down, I Could Be So Good For You, Winter On, Walkie Talkie (encore).

A good night was had by all, with many "names" (or should that be "faces") in the crowd. As well as Shoeshine supremo and curator of the Showcase Francis McDonald, there was Next Big Thing's Lindsay Hutton, ex-Pastel/Radio sweetheart Martin "Nothing To Be Done" Hayward, Eugene Kelly and Traceyanne and Carey from Camera Obscura spinning the tunes between sets.

I've filmed some other stuff on my Flip Ultra and when I learn how to upload stuff in less than 4 days, I'll put it up!!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

The BMX Bandits talk to Jocknroll

Tomorrow (18th) I'll provide a full review of tonight's Attic Lights/Norman Blake and Euro Childs/BMX Bandits gig from the Celtic Connections festival. Meanwhile, here are Duglas and Rachel from the BMX Bandits talking to The Cat about lyrics, nappies and tattoos!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Next Stop, World Domination

Anyone who browsed today's Scotsman could be forgiven for thinking that David Lee had handed the reins of the Recommends section over to Jocknroll's Dave and The Cat as we had a whole page to ourselves. That's right, we had three Top 5s featured.

Dave donated the Best Underrated Scottish Bands, while The Cat contributed two Celtic Connections Top 5s; Best Celtic Connections Concert and Best Celtic Connections (Non-Concert). There are plenty more where they came from.

Talking of world domination, the very excellent 17 Seconds blog has also morphed into a record label. 17 Seconds Records kicked off in October 2008 with no less a band than the wonderful Aberfeldy with the single "Claire"/"Talk Me Round". For those who prefer their music in a 'proper' format "Claire" is now available as a 7". Aberfeldy have since been joined on the label's roster by Ex Lion Tamer.

Monday, 12 January 2009

From The BMX Bandits, with love xxx

"At Elefant we are congratulating ourselves on the release, for the second time, of the exclusive 7” of one of the most vital and active groups of the Scottish pop scene. Duglas T. Stewart put together a handful of unreleased songs in this item that marks the sepia- tinted memory of the most elegantly poppy seventies, led by the piano, evoking the halo of composers like Burt Bacharach or Henry Mancini and artists like Dusty Springfield or Françoise Hardy. From the new version of “Our Secret Life” in French, rebaptized here as “Quand il n'y a plus d'amour (with the French adaptation by Nick Garrie) to the closing gem of the EP, a version of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” that Olivia Newton-John sang in “Grease”, one of our favourite films, which Duglas deliciously recreates with the collaboration of the Scottish band THE ATTIC LIGHTS (Is it just me or those chaps everywhere just now? - The Cat). The single is completed with two very recent recordings, the unreleased “I Can Wait Forever”, intimate folk pop marked with elegant melodies and vocals, and a version of “You Don’t Want to Be My Girlfriend, Phoebe” by MY LITTLE AIRPORT. When Duglas received MY LITTLE AIRPORT’s album, published by Elefant, he fell instantly in love with the song. He played it live a few days later and soon after decided to record it in the studio, the magnificent result of which is here. A precious collection of songs with the indelible stamp of one of the most gifted minds in pop of the last 25 years at the controls. As always, Duglas, it’s a pleasure. "

You can buy The BMX Bandits Love EP at: http://www. elefant. com/shop/singles

You can see The BMX Bandits this Saturday at the ABC in Glasgow, supporting Attic Lights and Norman Blake/Euro Childs. Boa Morte are also on the bill of this Shoeshine Showcase. Oh, and I, The Cat, will be there too!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sergeant support Platform 2 at The Tunnel, Aberdeen

Platform2 with SERGEANT | The Tunnel | Aberdeen | 22nd January

On 22 January 2009, youngsters from Aberdeen will get the chance to go to a free music event at The Tunnel, Aberdeen, hosted by Platform2, an overseas volunteering scheme for 18-25 year olds. The event from 7-9pm will feature a live set from Scotland’s hottest band, Sergeant.

Platform2, funded by the Department for International Development and run by Christian Aid, BUNAC and Islamic Relief, offers young people who would not normally be able to afford the opportunity to volunteer in South Africa, Ghana, Peru or India for 10 weeks free of charge.

At the event guests will have the chance to chat to Platform2 volunteers about living and working in a developing country. Interactive displays will showcase some of the activities applicants could experience such as teaching English in India, building latrines for a school in Peru, and working on a conservation site in South Africa.

When they return from their trip, volunteers will attend a 3-day workshop and go on to share their Platform 2 experiences with their local community, friends and relatives through a variety of mediums including art, photography, music, poetry, blogs, journalism and film at events around the country. Raising awareness of the development issues faced by the countries they visited means volunteers will continue to make a difference by giving those communities a voice in the UK.

Platform2 ( not only allows participants to experience a new culture and make a real difference in a developing country, but also to make new and lasting friendships with other young people from across the UK.

Kerri McGroarty, from Glasgow, recently returned from Ghana with Platform2.

‘The trip was by far the best experience of my life. The amazing people of the villages where I lived made me smile every day with their kindness and hospitality. I don’t live in the richest of areas, but what I saw on my trip put everything into perspective.’

Capacity at the Tunnel is limited so please arrive early as spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Doors open at 19.00


For more information on Platform2, or to apply, visit or call 0800 988 6828.

Jocknroll Updates: Links have added for the Baby Tiger website and a couple of their bands; A Very Secret History (under V and A) and The Stantons, who both have records imminent. Also, The Second Hand Marching Band have been in touch and they're now on the site too. More on them on this blog very soon.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Attic Lights Are So Good For You/Want a free CD?

Attic Lights have reworked Dennis Waterman's "I Could Be So Good For You" for Channel 5's remake of 80s favourite "Minder". The show airs in February and Attic Lights version of the classic theme tune will be released on 16 February, although it'll be available digitally from 12 January. The new six-part "Minder" stars Shane Richie as Arthur Daley's nephew Archie. See the video HERE. (The Cat will be at the gig on Saturday at the ABC in Glasgow. Say hello, if you think you know what I look like!)

Site News: I've given the Jocknroll website a bit of a spring (or should that be winter) clean, especially on the Hame page, and I shall endeavour to work my way through it page by page to ensure that everything is up-to-date and working. If there are any features you'd like to see on the site, by all means let us know. Also, if you would like a plug and a link to your band on the site or here, get in touch.

If you're a Scottish act and you'd like us to give you an honest review of your single/album/digital release/gig then contact us and we'll tell you where to send stuff.
Talking of great stuff, I have five copies left of Neon Tetra's wonderful compilation "Independent and Free", which features many of the acts on their roster. The first five to get in touch will get one for nothing/nowt/zilch/FREE, assuming you live in the UK. (Sorry, but have you seen the price of postage?). I can't recommend the label's output highly enough because there are some cracking bands featured - Green Peppers, Our Lunar Activities, Joe Kennedy, The Goldenhour, The Ronelles, Daniel Wylie, The River Detectives (yes, they're still going), The Fast Camel, Ally Kerr and Water School. There are also guest appearances, on the Green Peppers tracks, from Justin Currie and Isobel Campbell. You know you want one.







Starting in 1994, the year of release of the groundbreaking THE MYSTERY OF LOVE IS GREATER THAN THE MYSTERY OF DEATH album (a ‘Q’ Album of the Year) and running for a decade, JACKIE LEVEN instigated ‘THE HAUNTED VALLEY’, an appreciation society which published a quality quarterly magazine and released an annual album, mostly live in content, which was limited to members of the society.

Sadly, THE HAUNTED VALLEY is no more, its existence slowly nibbled to death by the appetite of the internet, its content now to be found in cyberspace as the many superb monthly columns to be viewed at But the body of released work is artistically significant and certainly deserves to be heard by a wider audience.

sees the release of two fine and unusual live albums – MEN IN PRISON and MUNICH BLUES (COOKCD483) on Monday 16th February.

MEN IN PRISON, (JACKIE solo) was recorded live in Bergen Men’s Prison, Norway in 2000 (see sleevenotes). A million miles away from Johnny Cash’s exuberant prison recordings, the Norwegian prisoners were impassive, watchful and considered in their response to a great performance, but their gathering warmth is palpable and their appreciation heartfelt at the end of a blinding set of songs.

MUNICH BLUES (2002) was recorded live at Cafe Muffathalle in Munich, with long term JACKIE collaborators Michael Cosgrave (multi-instrumentalist) and Deborah Greenwood (vocals). The set includes much excellent and typical JACKIE humour. Both albums are recorded to the highest professional standards, as might be expected of two countries with a significant interest in obtaining the very best from artistic endeavour.

Fabulous energy and intense focus characterise these two sets, and there is plenty more to come, ever-changing, in the following seasons of THE HAUNTED YEAR. Both albums are further illuminated by reprinted examples of JACKIE’s widely admired monthly blog THE DEEP POOL, caustic and telling commentaries on the state we’re in, rumoured to be collected and published next year as ‘ACID MEDITATIONS’.

JACKIE will be touring the UK in the first quarter of 2009. He will be performing
songs written between 1969 and 2009, incorporating material by his alter egos John St Field and Sir Vincent Lone, and including dark masterpieces from the Doll By Doll era’.

Full dates as follows :

Sat 17th Jan GLASGOW, Celtic Connections, Oran Mor BO: 0141 353 8000

Thu 22nd Jan BRISTOL, Thunderbolt BO: 0117 373 8947

Mon 26th Jan BRIGHTON, The Greys BO: 01273 680 734

Tue 27th Jan ST ALBANS, The Horn BO: 01727 853 143

Wed 28th Jan LONDON, The Sheep Inn (FREE gig) BO: 0208 556 1131

Thu 29th Jan SOUTHEND, Riga Bar BO: 01702 348 020

Thu 26th Feb STOURBRIDGE, Katie Fitzgeralds BO: 01384 374 410

Sun 1st March STOCKTON ON TEES, The Waiting Room BO: 01642 780 465

Fri 6th March BARTON UPON HUMBER, Carnival Inn BO: 01652 634 845

Sat 7th March BELPER, Queens Head BO: 0115 938 6774

Sun 15th March WORCESTER, Marrs Bar BO: 01905 613 336

Thu 19th March OTTERTON, Otterton Mill BO: 01395 567 041

Thu 26th March YORK, The Duchess BO: tbc

Friday, 9 January 2009

Jocknroll Ain't Noise Pollution

Bienvenue! Wilkommen! Guten Tag! (As they say in Scotland)

Welcome to the first, rather formal introductory blog on the new Jocknroll blog page. The Pop Pourri blog on our Jocknroll website was rather limiting so we've branched out, gone all hi-tech (sort of) and here we are!

That'll do for now while we sort out the Settings, Layout and Gadgets.

Haste Ye Back!

The Cat