Sunday, 18 January 2009

Attic Lights, Norman Blake/Euros Childs, BMX Bandits, Boa Morte - ABC, Glasgow 17 January 2009

Sometimes you look forward to a gig so much that you're disappointed when the high expectation isn't met but the Shoeshine Showcase was the exception that proved the rule.

Even the slightly disappointing opening act Boa Morte couldn't dampen my spirits because, to be blunt, they just weren't my cup of tea. Having more of a pop sensibility, their Lambchop-esque musings didn't really move me. Nothing personal guys, it just wan't my thang.

Over the years I've seen Duglas and the travelling circus of merry men and women that is the BMX Bandits quite a few times and they've never failed to entertain. Tonight was no exception as they played several tracks from their last/current album "Bee Stings" as well as some well-loved golden oldies. (You can see The Cat's interview with Duglas and Rachel in the previous post).

BMX Bandits: The Sailor's Song, After I Made Love To You, Elegant Lines, Take Me To Heaven, I Wanna Fall In Love, E102, Witchi Tai To.

Norman Blake and Euros Childs were up next as the acts came thick and fast with each band playing slightly shorter sets. Kicking off with a cover of 23rd Turnoff's "Michelangelo", Norman and Euro dovetailed in perfect harmony as this musical marriage-made-in-heaven enthralled everyone. The set also included a cover of Stories "Love Is In Motion". The fruits of their 2008 recording sessions should come out in 2009 and it'll be well worth the wait, especially if "Do the Cave Dance", the closing song, is anything to go by. If they're not careful they might even have a hit single/download on their hands.

Norman Blake/Euros Childs set: To be confirmed

Having seen Attic Lights in Dunfermline last year I knew what to expect but they still did the business again with their wonderful brand of West Coast powerpop; Scottish West Coast, that is. Not afraid to kick off with a hit (or should I say single as they rather surprisingly haven't troubled the chart scorers yet) they played a sparkling set, which was aided by the accompaniment of the Cairn String Quartet on some tracks. The girls even supplied backing vocals on set closer "Winter On".

If the much anticipated follow-up to "Friday Night Lights" is half as good as their debut we'll still be in for a real treat. No new songs on stage tonight but we did get their cover of Dennis Waterman's "I Could Be So Good For You", which hopefully won't become an albatross around their necks as it features in the current (pointless?) remake of "Minder".

Attic Lights set: God, Never Get Sick of The Sea, Dirty Thirst, Nothing But Love, Wendy, Five Weeks Behind, Late Night Sunshine, Bring You Down, I Could Be So Good For You, Winter On, Walkie Talkie (encore).

A good night was had by all, with many "names" (or should that be "faces") in the crowd. As well as Shoeshine supremo and curator of the Showcase Francis McDonald, there was Next Big Thing's Lindsay Hutton, ex-Pastel/Radio sweetheart Martin "Nothing To Be Done" Hayward, Eugene Kelly and Traceyanne and Carey from Camera Obscura spinning the tunes between sets.

I've filmed some other stuff on my Flip Ultra and when I learn how to upload stuff in less than 4 days, I'll put it up!!


  1. I made a very late decision not to go along as I was:-

    (a) delayed by Scotrail on my trip back from the football at Kirkcaldy; and

    (b) awfy tired.

    Now I feel as if I missed out on something very special.

    Great to see yje blog up and tunning lads, keep up the stunning work.


  2. yje???


    Memo to self.....Stop trying to type so quickly and you'll hit the right keys man......