Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Cat on "Where the Action Is" on Kirkcaldy VRN 1287 AM - Sunday 31 January 2010

This is the last week of our rummage in the treasure chest that is the "Where The Action Is! LA Nuggets 1965-1968" box set. The San Francisco equivalent "Love Is the Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970" will be heard during my shows in March. Here are this week's veritable cornucopia of crackin' tunes:

The Who - Substitute (Reaction 1966)
Floyd Cramer - On The Rebound (RCA 1961) (show theme)
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Eventually (Unreleased 1966)
Dino, Desi and Billy - The Rebel Kind (Reprise 1965)
The Mustangs - That's For Sure (Nero 1965)
Jackie DeShannon & The Byrds - Splendor in the Grass (Imperial 1966)
The Seeds - Tripmaker (GNP Crescendo 1966)
The Mamas and the Papas - Somebody Groovy (Dunhill 1965)
Boyce and Hart - Thanks for Sunday (A&M 1969) (Connect 3)
Glenda Collins - Don't Let It Rain on Sunday (Pye 1966) (Connect 3)
Josephine Sunday - You Won't Even Know Her Name (Tower 1965) (Connect 3)
Fapardokly (Merrill & The Exiles) - Tomorrow's Girl (Glenn 1967)
The Knickerbockers - High On Love (Challenge 1966)
Billie Davis & The Leroys - Whatcha Gonna Do (Columbia 1964) (Birthday: 31/1/28 Chuck Willis, songwriter)
The Music Machine - The People in Me (Original Sound 1967)
Peter Fonda - November Night (Cjisa 1967)
Alma Cogan - Itte Kudes (Tell Him) (Japanese version) (Columbia 1963) (Foreign Language)
Herman's Hermits - Show Me Girl (Columbia 1964)
The Tornados - Ridin' The Wind (Decca 1962) (Half-Time Instrumental)
Jan and Dean - Fan Tan (Jan & Dean 1967)
Barry McGuire - Inner-Manipulations (Dunhill 1968)
The Beach Boys - The Night Was So Young (Capitol 1977) (A to Z of The Beach Boys - N)
The Beach Boys - The Nearest Faraway Place (Capitol 1968) (A to Z of The Beach Boys - N)
The Sons of Adam - Saturday's Son (Decca 1966)
Danny Hutton - Roses and Rainbows (Hanna-Barbera 1965)
Dan Lyth - Castles (Moojuice 2009) (Under The Influence)
The Hysterics - Everything's There (Bing 1965)
P F Sloan - Halloween Mary (Dunhill 1965)
The Whatt Four - Your Wishin' I Was Someone Else (Mercury 1967)
Petula Clark - Las Vegas (Pye 1967) (Connect 3)
Gene Clark - Los Angeles (Unreleased 1968) (Connect 3)
Gary Usher - Sacramento (Capitol 1964) (Connect 3)
The Penny Arkade - Swim (Unreleased 1967)
The Kinks - Days (Pye 1968)
The Monkees -Sometime In The Morning (Colgems 1967) (Two of a Kind)
The Monkees - You Just May Be The One (Colgems 1967) (Two of a Kind)
The Yellow Payges - Our Time Is Running Out (UNI 1967)
The Raspberries - Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) (Capitol 1974)
Floyd Cramer - On The Rebound (RCA 1961) (show theme)

Next week it's back to our normal mix of mod, soul, girl groups, Motown and alternative pop from the late 50s to the early 1970s. Until then, it's good day and good health.

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