Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Cat on "Where The Action Is" Kirkcaldy VRN 1287AM - Sunday 17 January 2010

It's the third week of our rummage through the brilliant "Where The Action Is! LA Nuggets 1965-1968" box set. We're also celebrating the birthday of chanteuse Francoise Hardy. Last train to Tunesville - all aboard...

The Palace Guard - All Night Long (Orange-Empire 1965)
Floyd Cramer - On The Rebound (RCA 1961) (show theme)
Noel Harrison - Life Is A Dream (Reprise 1965)
Little Eva - The Trouble With Boys (Dimension 1963)
Opus 1 - Back Seat '38 Dodge (Mustang 1966)
October Country - My Girlfriend Is A Witch (Epic 1968)
Rick Nelson - Marshmallow Skies (Decca 1967)
Roger Nichols Trio - Montage Mirror (Unreleased 1967)
A Joint Effort - The Third Eye (JE 1967) (Connect 3)
Les Fleurs de Lys - Mud In Your Eye (Polydor 1966) (Connect 3)
Spirit - Girl In Your Eye (Ode 1968) (Connect 3)
The Lamp of Childhood - No More Running Around (Dunhill 1967)
The Humane Society - Eternal Prison (New World 1968)
Francoise Hardy - All Over The World (Vogue 1965) (Birthday: 17/1/44 Francoise Hardy)
Randy Newman - I Had A Dream Last Night (Reprise 1968)
The Velvet Illusions - Acid Head (Metro-Media 1967)
Francoise Hardy - Ce Petite Coeur (My Little Heart) (Vogue 1965) (Foreign Language)
The Contours - Just A Little Understanding (Motown 1966)
The Beachcombers - Mad Goose (Columbia 1963) (Half-Time Instrumental)
Evie Sands - Take Me a While (Blue Cat 1965)
The Common Cold - Come Down (Atco 1967)
The Beach Boys - Long Promised Road (Brother 1971) (A to Z of The Beach Boys - L)
The Beach Boys - Little Honda (Capitol 1964) (A to Z of The Beach Boys - L)
The Others - Revenge (Mercury 1966)
Sonny and Cher - It's Gonna Rain (Atco 1965)
Dropkick - Choose (Sound Asleep 2009) (Under The Influence)
Sagittarius - The Turth Is Not Real (single version) (Columbia 1968)
The Honeybees - She Doesn't Deserve You (Fontana 1964)
Pasternak Progress - Flower Eyes (Original Sound 1967)
The Move - (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree (Regal Zonophone 1967) (Connect 3)
The Dillards - Lemon Chimes (Capitol 1965) (Connect 3)
Peter, Paul and Mary - The Lemon Tree (Warners 1962) (Connect 3)
Things To Come - Come Alive (Warners 1968)
The Guilloteens - For My Own (Hanna-Barbera 1965)
Francoise Hardy - La Maison Ou J'ai Grandi (Tar and Cement) (Vogue 1966) (Two of a Kind)
Francoise Hardy - Autumn Rendezvous (Vogue 1966) (Two of a Kind)
The Supremes - Love Is Like An Itching in My Heart (Motown 1966)
The Rev-lons - After Last Night (Reprise 1963)
Steampacket - Can I Get A Witness (Label Unknown 1965)
Floyd Cramer - On The Rebound (RCA 1961) (show theme)

There will be more LA Nuggets over the next two weeks. Until next time, it's good day and good health.

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