Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Orchids - She's My Girl (Pebble) out 24 May

The Legendary Sarah Records band are back!! An exciting announcement coming from Glasgow, home to the enigmatic five piece band The Orchids!

The guys have been busy since their last live performance in New York in summer 2008 writing and recording their fifth studio album. You will hear the results for the first time on a brand new Brighton-based label Pebble Records. The album called “The Lost Star” will be out in July 2010 and is preceded by the release of a single. The bands seventh single, “She’s My Girl” is released on 24th May and this will not disappoint new or existing fans, being a raucous guitar pop song for you to pogo and shout along to. This is backed with two other new songs “The OK Song (Single mix)” and “The Lost Star”. The two additional songs that make up a three song EP have been entirely produced by the band themselves but on the main song, and others on the new album, the band has renewed their relationship with producer Ian Carmichael with spectacular results.

The album is a varied collection of songs more in line with their second album than with the 2007 release “Unholy Soul”“Good To Be A Stranger”. Watch out for the Orchids pop sound you know so well on “Les Spectacles de la Foire” and “Song For A Friend” and try to control your feet when you hear tracks such as “The Way That She Moves”. Meanwhile the cinematic epic guitar sound of “Doot Doot” and beautiful harmonies in the understated “Back To Your House” may surprise some who expect everything to remain the same in the world of The Orchids – which of course it never does! You can also savour one of the best tracks on the album, the breathtaking and atmospheric “Girl To The Soldier” featuring the Cairn String Quartet (who have also worked with fellow Glaswegians Camera Obscura and Twilight Sad).

The album has been recorded and produced by the band’s bass player Ronnie Borland in Busby, Eaglesham and Manchester with final mixing by the aforementioned Ian Carmichael. As with their previous three albums, this one also features the beautiful vocals of Pauline Hynds.

The band has announced some shows to promote the records, returning to play for the second time at the popular English festival “Indie Tracks” on Saturday 24th July and then at Berlin popfest on Saturday 31st July. Look out for live performances to be announced for London and Glasgow. Listen to what they are all about and keep up to date with what happens next in the wonderful world of The Orchids at

“The best Scottish pop band since Orange Juice” – Melody Maker

“A blissful mix of the best Scottish bands of the last few years” – NME

“Eclectic. Every single song is a gem” – Exclaim

“Luxuriant textures, immaculate pop fizz with enviable purpose” – MM

“Songs of emotional wit and sparkling indie pop” – All Music Guide

“Languid and alluring” – Tangents

“Sweetly strummed, swoonily harmonised" – Uncut

“They brought together all the best parts of the 80's Scottish music scene, while adding something that's hard to pin down, yet made them so very special" Exclaim!

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