Monday, 1 March 2010

Trashcan Sinatras - Update

I'll let the band tell you what they've been up to:

"Hello everyone. Here is the first update in 2010 if you haven't checked out the trashcans websites/pages lately:

* Touring:

- Japanese tour dates:

March 1 - tokyo, club quattro (with sunny day service) SOLD OUT
March 2 - osaka, club quattro (with sunny day service)
March 3 - tokyo, club quattro (special acoustic show)
March 4 - tokyo, club quattro (with sunny day service) SOLD OUT

For the march 3 show, the band is taking requests in advance! the 5 most requested songs will be played during the show. see for details on how to send in your requests.

- North American tour dates:
The band will be touring north america in june. dates should be announced in the next couple of weeks.

- Others:
The band will likely tour the uk sometime after the north american tour. other tour plans are still tba.

* Record Release:
- "In The Music" will finally be released in north america on april 27. The regular 10 track album will also include 8 live bonus tracks! The album should be widely available from retail and digital distributors -"In The Music" will also be released as a hi-fidelity "studio master" digital download
- The band has recorded a demo for a new song called "Town Foxes".
the song will be available on a very limited 2 track EP at the upcoming shows in japan. The availability of the song outside of japan is still to be determined.
- The remastered back catalogue (first 4 albums) is now scheduled for release in the late summer/fall

* Other Information:
- will soon have an instant digital download store with concerts, possibly "Zebra of the Family" and other rarities. Right now, you can buy the 2009 concerts on new tcs USB sticks or as downloads
- A prior update mentioned a session filmed for You can also download the session as a free podcast on iTunes.
- The band has released a promo video for "Should I Pray?"
- Check John Douglas' youtube channel for video updates, especially as the Japanese tour happens
- The downloads page at is being revamped, with
6 new free downloads coming this week

You can always find more details at Don't forget to check out or join the band's message board, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, ilike and Reverbnation. Thanks for listening."

I took the liberty of adding some capital letters!

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