Friday, 27 November 2009

Jocknroll - Top 10 Albums of 2009

Lloyd over at Peenko has invited many of the blogging community to submit their Top 10 albums of 2009. Here, just for the record, is the selection of The Cat (Dave might get round to his at some point). There's an obvious jockanese slant to my selection. To be honest most of the stuff I've bought this year has been compilations for my radio show but here is the modern stuff that has floated my tanker in the past 12 months and, yes, they're in order.

  1. Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career
  2. Dropkick – Abelay Hotel
  3. Trashcan Sinatras – In the Music
  4. Colin MacIntyre – Island
  5. Sergeant – Sergeant
  6. Ian Brown – My Way
  7. Prefab Sprout – Let’s Change the World with Music
  8. God Help The Girl – God Help The Girl
  9. Butcher Boy – React or Die
  10. Jackie Leven – Winter: Men in Prison/Munich Blues
The Cat


  1. Part of my problem is that I keep certain albums back so that family and friends who want to buy me a Xmas present can go to the local indie store and hand over cash. So I havent yet got Traschcan Sinatras or Prefab Sprout. Have tried and didnt like God Help The Girl. Never been a fan of Camera Obscura.

    For what its worth:-

    1. React Or Die - Butcher Boy
    2. Relive - Paul Haig
    3. Our Temperance Movement - Cats On Fire
    4. Waxing Gibbous - Malcolm Middleton
    5. Forget The Night Ahead - The Twilight Sad
    6. Lord Cut-Glass - Lord Cut Glass
    7. Lungs - Florence & The Machine
    8. Primary Colours - The Horrors
    9. 21st Century Man - Luke Haines
    10. Quietly Now - Frightened Rabbit

    Jackets off and fight outside????

  2. Reckon if you smashed The Cat and JC's lists together there you'd get something resembling mine. A few right good shouts on both, along with some that just didn't do it for me, or I haven't heard.